About Photographer:

I was born and bought up in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, city I love and admire. I was drawing since I remember myself and question which profession to choose was never really a question for me and my parents, we always knew – I will become an Artist. My parents were supporting me in each my step and gave me strong Art education, I have honored master’s degree in Art. For me Art is like hunger – if I am not drawing for some reason some short time – I am starting to carve, cannot concentrate on something else but drawing. And it is growing! So thus I am drawing quite often even being quite busy with work. I enjoy drawing in traditional mediums like gouache, color pens, oil. Also I like to work with computer and to use all unbound opportunities to express myself and to implement the idea trough magic instruments of Photoshop. I always try to carry with me sketchbook and couple of my favorite pens so that I am able to draw in between while hanging in airport and waiting for a flight or travelling. Inspiration… I do not believe much in inspiration… it is there, but I would never sit and wait for it! I believe very much in hard work. Having talent is not enough; big task is to develop it. But, of course talent should be there. For every each profession, not only for Artists. I believe that each person came to this world having talent in some field. I like to observe different people in the streets trying to imagine what kind of talent is hidden inside… treasure… some of them might even not know about their god gifts. Art for me is the way to share my feelings and emotions with others; it is also like guide to new worlds, because of my Art I have honor to work in Canada now with very talented people around me. I believe that the more you will develop your own talent, the more gifted people will surround you giving you example and inspiring you. I am working in computer game development industry as an Artist. This is how I learned to use pc as an art tool for my Art works. I was drawing my Art work just for myself, without taking part in competitions or exhibitions before. But not so long time ago, last summer, I send my Art works by advice of my good friends to L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest. As this was my first participation, it was really huge surprise for me to win! Thanks to my Art I got chance to attend workshop and visit Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles. Winning the Contest showed me that way I choose to develop my Art is right and it strengthened my self-confidence and gave me charge to work much harder than before. In everything I do I am trying to find and stay in the golden mean, if it is about working or doing personal Art, if it is about doing my favorite hobbies photography, cooking or traveling, or even if it is about just time pass with friends and family, balance and harmony play very important role in my life.

Entry description: This work was created with inspiration about women, I wanted to convey subtle and in the same time powerful aura of female world.