About Photographer:

Jola Skóra was born in Warsaw where she lives until today. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with a bachelor degree in Multimedia Communication Studies and later gained a masters degree in Photography at the acclaimed Leon Schiller National High School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. Photography is her passion, and besides her work on commercial projects she is also an artist. She works using digital photographic techniques and traditional analogue (medium and large format) cameras. She is also fluent in professional graphic design programs which she uses to manipulate and re-touch her work. She also practices the art of traditional methods of analogue photo manipulation. Throughout her career she has worked for some of the best photo studios in Warsaw, collaborating with advertising, movie and model agencies and masterminding shoots for fashion designers, stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists.

Entry description: Where are the bounds of the “objective simulacrum”? Does the awareness that the picture was transformed reduce the “desire of the reality”?

In the Redheads project I tried to answer these questions myself by combining two types of portraits of people with natural red hair. These diptychs form a kind of metamorphosis. The absence of any reference to reality is created by the use of advanced montage and computer retouching techniques.
Even these seemingly realistic portraits are only subjective photographic representations of the subject, therefore the second photograph becomes a transformation of the transformation. Redheads from these photographs exist only within the realm of make believe.