About Photographer:

Photographic artist, living and working in London. I work mainly on location and the majority of my photography is concept and project driven, but I also shoot more incidental images when I visit new places. I am intrigued by the feelings brought about by empty or deserted spaces. I focus very much on notions of isolation within these spaces, whether inhabited by humans or not, and attempt to convey feelings of austerity and melancholy through careful consideration of composition and colouration.

Entry description: "Come quickly, and vindicate us.
against too much death.
Come quickly, and stir the rotten globe of the world from within,
burst it with germination, with world anew.
Come now, to us, your adherents, who cannot flower from the ice.
All the world gleams with the lilies of death the Unconquerable,
but come, give us our turn.
Enough of the virgins and lilies, of passionate, suffocating perfume of corruption,
no more narcissus perfume, lily harlots, the blades of sensation
piercing the flesh to blossom of death.

Have done, have done with this shuddering, delicious business

of thrilling ruin in the flesh, of pungent passion, of rare, death-edged ecstasy."