About Photographer:

Erik Almås has made a name for himself creating award-winning imagery for such Fortune 500 companies as Puma, Hyatt, Amtrak, Microsoft, Spanish Tourism, USPS and Genentech. Having also mastered the art of the post- production process ultimately ensures that every client receives bespoke images that are a true representation of his photographic vision. A vision steeped in down-to-earth sensibilities influenced by his childhood in Norway, and constantly fed by a love of world travel as well as the day-to-day lifestyle when on the ground and at home in San Francisco. When not shooting commercially, Almås also accepts assignments collaborating on imagery for fashion, travel and fine art — additional creative outlets for his blending sensibilities of most anything art and beauty.

Entry description: This was part of a feature story on Maggie Rizer moving to San Francisco, CA for 7x7 Magazine. Michael Tompert from Raygun Studio created the whale and aircraft in CGI. Erik shot the seascape and city and then shot Maggie in studio and composited and retouched the whale/airship to create a seamless image.