About Photographer:

Among other things, I am an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, amateur photographer and manager living in Los Angeles. I was born in Canada to immigrant parents from Latvia and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and moved to the United States to study at Harvard in the fall of 1979, watched films most of my freshman year, studied moral and political philosophy and received an honors A.B. degree in 1983. After two hectic and fascinating years in New York pretending to be an investment banker, I resumed studying legal, moral and political philosophy at the University of Cambridge, England where I received an LL.M. degree in 1986. After that, I moved to Los Angeles, began a career in film, have been raising a family and a small company, and in my spare time have poured myself into exploring all things photographic.

Entry description: Water flies everywhere as the fly line is ripped off a spinning reel on the Big Horn River in Montana.