Entry Title: " In-between "Midlife""
Toko Shiiki
, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Other_P

Entry Description: This is my inner-life document photographs; a story about a man lost his identity, in between birth and death. Where, when, did he start thinking he chose the wrong path and lost the idea of "who he is?" He found a face, and somehow began moving forward, again...

About the Artist:

Born in Japan Lived, Learned, and experienced in Tokyo most of her life and moved to Michigan, USA 2005. ********* I have a passion for photography that tell a story. Many of my images are inspired by dreams and my life experiences. Now, I have been working on the "inner-life documentary" project, to visualize what I've experienced at this present time... I enjoy working with people - love photographing them, of course, and recently I'm also truly enjoying shooting documentary movies of unique individuals. ********* I find photography to be a most effective way to express my view of the world (inside and outside.) No matter what my subject is, I want to create images that tell a story. But it is my hope that every time people see my photographs, they will feel encouraged to interpret the images in their own way. Art is my life power, and I am still finding ways to let it speak through me...