About Photographer:

Ken Drake is the photographer at Zoo Studio and has been working exclusively with animals for 7 years. He photographs over 1300 dogs each year, plus multiple cats, birds, snakes, lizards, rats, kangaroos, and many others. Ken has recently received much international acclaim for his animal photos, wining the PDN Faces competition, being a finalist in the International Aperture Awards and Canon Creative Asia competition, and being made an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Entry description: The day before coming to the studio, Dale was abandoned on the streets. He was blind, in incredible pain from a ripped cruciate ligament in his right rear leg, and was severely malnourished. I posed him in a typical 'stack shot' pose that pedigree show dog people use, to highlight the difference between a well cared for dog and an abused dog. He is well on the way to a full recovery thanks to Peiradise Shar Pei Rescue in Brisbane, Australia.