About Photographer:

I was born in an intelligent family. From my childhood I was interested in theatre, painting, classic music and motorbikes. In the youth I studied at the School of Eastern Combats, where my attitude to life was formed. Eastern philosophy consists not only of the acknowledgement of the depth of the Universe and of human’s ego, but also implies the research of such aspects of the existence as sexuality, contemplation, ceremonial and correct behavior. I am being fond of photography since my youth. When I was ten years old I had received my first camera, and by now photography is more than simple hobby for me. History knows many examples when painters, sculptors, musicians and sportsmen became photographers. And I am one of them. Painting had a great influence on me, especially nude works of Botticelli and Cranach, that I saw in books in my childhood. I was charmed by the perfection of woman’s face and body, and later it became a kind of obsession with woman’s beauty. My photographer’s vision was formed by the works of Fernand Fonssagrives, Erwin Blumenfeld, Brassai, Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon and others.

Entry description: It’s impossible to predict the behavior of a real woman. She is the vamp – strong, beautiful, graceful and unpredictable.