About Photographer:

Mauro Risch is an award winning advertising photographer specializing in conceptual still life and product shots. Pioneer in Commercial Digital Photography in mid 90’s, he loves the chance to tell stories through the images he creates. A lot of Humour and vibrant colors are the unmistakable elements of his style. Became a member of MADC in 2007 and a member of ACMP in 2008, establishing his base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia AWARDS: 1993/94/95 – Colunistas, Grand Prix, Best Photography of the Year Award 1996 – Cannes Bronze Lion AWARD 1997/98 – Art Directors Club NY – finalist(x2) 2001 – London Festival finalist 2000/02/03 – Luerzer’s Archive Magazine publications(x5) 2004 – PRINT magazine photography award 2005 – Adobe Photographers index 2006 – Sao Paulo Bienal, 3 pieces 2008 – Spider Awards finalist(2x) 2009 – Photography Masters Cup award 2009 _ Hasselblad Masters Award finalist(still life) 2009 _ Hasselblad Exhibition: Hong Kong, New York, Kopenhagen & London 2010 _ OneEyeLand photographer of the month(2x) 2011 _ Hasselblad Masters Award finalist(fine arts) 2011 _ Spider Black&White Awards(Honorable Mention) 2012 _ IPA Conceptual Advertising PRO(Honorable Mention) 2012 _ Hasselblad Masters Award Public vote winner(fine arts) 2013 _ International Loupe Awards(2nd place overall in Advertising) 2013 _ Linkedin TOP 1% most viewed profile

Entry description: Famous movie scenes happening at Rio De Janeiro Post cards