About Photographer:

born 1961 Manchester UK. Attended art school in Manchester and Lancaster for BA(Hons) Painting. Taught at various art schools in various areas of art and design. Gradual transition from painting to photography in recent years.

Entry description: Scratch: an ongoing project exploring found, glass surfaces in ordinary urban locations in London and Sussex. Over time these raw, urgent, ambiguous, natural palimpsets emerge, occasionally catching the light to reveal incomplete ghosts of personal and territorial stories (tender declarations, violent outbursts, incoherent gestures) which, as well as being beautiful, arouse fascination and a kind of forensic curiosity.
This work seeks to examine this unusual calligraphy, to amplify otherwise unheard voices, to encourage examination of small recesses, and to find new ways of observing landscape; It also seeks to find parallels between photographic and other art forms.