About Photographer:

Alice Pavesi Fiori (1984) was born in Parma, Italy, where she is currently based. In 2006 received her degree in photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and her registration at the National Order of Journalists. She is a portrait photographer both interested in social reporting and fashion. She shoots with old dusty analog cameras and expired films she gets from all over the world. Alice loves spending time with her subjects: she is deeply attracted by biographies behind faces. Her work has received many awards over the years, such as the Canon Prize for Young Photographers and has exhibited worldwide. Alice is represented by Luz Photo Agency and some of her pubblications include The Sunday Times Magazine, The Times, The Herald Tribune, Vanity Fair, Sette, XL.

Entry description: ATELIER is a fashion shooting inspired by the dusty portrait photos found in the ancient photogrphers' ateliers.