About Photographer:

Architect and photographer. Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Gdańsk Technical University and Sopot Schools of Photography WFH. Mostly deals with simple, cheap and uncomplicated cameras like pinhole and holga. Currently works with wet plate techniques. Her works were exhibited during the III, IV and V-th Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography - OFFO. One of the founders of the Foundation of Analogue Photography and Classic Photographic Techniques “Antykwariat Fotograficzny”.

Entry description: Wejherowo is a town located in northern Poland with 47,000 inhabitants. It's architecture is like a mosaic containing all parts of Poland's XX-century history. Old tradicional prussian houses surrounded by communistic blocks of flats and sort of defective contemporary architecture sponsored by the European Union. A war memorial commemorates the Wejherowo's Liberty Day, or (depending of the point of view) the day of expulsion of Nasis and begin of the communist occupation.