About Photographer:

Jose Laiño was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since 1982 he live in Galicia, Spain, native country of his parents where he obtained spanish citizenship. He studied architecture and worked for twelve years for a national and international architectural offices, making projects, models, photography, photocollages and 3D models of buildings and industrial design in many competitions projects that have won prizes. In these years, his interest in photography was rising, using analog cameras with macro lens to photograph architectural and conceptual models, although his interest in photography comes from many years ago. He has also worked in painting from a very early age, getting the award Novos Valores in Pontevedra Biennial 1991, Spain. He has studied and practiced airbrushing and airbrushing on photography at the Center for the Study of Video and Image in Santiago de Compostela obtaining outstanding rating in his final work diploma. Since 2009 he excited for photography, as well as for digital edition and digital manipulation, especially in still life category, self-taught learning and using photography as a means to express ideas in a creative way. Since 2013 Jose Laiño presents his recent photographic work to international contests for the first time, obtaining awards and recognitions from various juries by relevant people from the photographic industry in different countries. Since 2015 he is dedicated to photography professionally

Entry description: Time is passing, step by step.