About Photographer:

Innovative • Creative • Inspirational • First and foremost I consider myself a visual explorer who seeks to reveal the wonderment of the commonplace as if a new discovery. I re-direct photography's traditional outward focus of reality toward a more reflective inward gaze to one's inner consciousness or inner landscape to visualize the intangible. I am forever in search of the next opportunity or challenge, so photography for me is more than chemistry, pixels or equipment; it's the art of making emotional connections with my viewer. Ultimately all photographs are metaphors and the art of photography is reflective of an internal vision where you can only see outside in proportion to your own inward consciousness. Personally, I view the images I create as inner landscapes and equivalents. My primary focus is on contemplative and metaphorical imagery for purposes of healing and meditation. Overall my signature style tends to be concept-driven images that evoke an elegant simplicity of design, oftentimes with a layer of complexity that hovers behind the façade. In the end, my work is more about translations rather than just seeing. I consider my images to be equivalents of emotions expressed over observed reality, conveying the true essence of an object. My image interpretation, using subjects of landscape, environment, or urbanscapes shares the drama and beauty of the mundane, or goes beyond observed reality and creates abstract images that transcend.

Entry description: Axis Mundi or the “Tree of Life” has deep roots in philosophy, spirituality, mythology and symbolism across a great expanse of religions and cultures. On a broader scale, trees invite us to absorb their essence and we do this by tapping into their infinite branches of energy. As trees interact with weather elements of wind, rain, clouds, and such, it is the cosmic Tree of Life that mirrors our human emotions (maturity, flexibility), personality traits (playful, leadership), body, psyche and spirit and provides us with a magical connection as we journey through space and time.