About Photographer:

Ebrahim Noroozi was born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran. He began working as a professional photographer in 2004. He has worked in India, Afghanistan and Iran. Ebrahim Noroozi worked as the head of photo department of Fars News Agency, Iran newspaper, Iran Daily newspaper (English version), Alvefagh newspaper (Arabic version), Iran Sport, Iran Photo Agency (IIPA), Jamejam Newspaper. He won 7 awards in Iranian Photo contests, Gold medal of Asahi Shimbun (2006), 2nd prize stories of World Press Photo in contemporary Issues (2012), Honorable mention in NPPA best of photojournalism (2012) in contemporary issue, 1st prize stories in Observed Portraits of World Press Photo (2013) , 2nd prize stories in Staged Portraits of World Press Photo (2013) , 1st prize in Nikon Photo contest in Photo stories category (2013), finalist in leica oskar barnack award (2013) , finalist in W. Eugene Smith Grant (2013) and Lucie Award in Deeper Perspective Photographer of The Year (2013). Ebrahim Noroozi has been a member of jury in several Iranian photo contests. He also has attended several photo exhibitions and contests in Iran.

Entry description: Victims Of Forced Love Acid assault is one of the brutal ways to take revenge in love affairs. In some of the third world countries more than 90 percent of acid assaults victims are women. In these countries some men in order to force women to make them love and live with them, threatening them with throwing acid on them. Otherwise they will be attack by acid and lose their chance to live a normal life in society. Severe burns makes deformation of victims faces and in some cases they lose their visual ability due to impairment. Two important issues could be considered in these violent attacks. first , there is nothing more important than life and humans right of living. The right of living that is threatened in these incidents that will vanish the social and individual conditions of a normal life. Besides of serious physical injuries, The victims suffer from mental damages such as depression, isolation, and inability to communicate. Second, these attacks show that human values are fading. Effects of this fading are such as firearm assaults in public places in America, honor killings in Afghanistan, sectarian killings in countries like Pakistan and Burma and also Acid attack. I tried to show pain and difficulties of these victims’ lives that happened because of saying no to marriage proposals or deciding not to live with their husbands anymore. My audiences are officials, public and human rights institutions. The public will condemn this violence and this will reduce these kinds of attacks rates and also will help the public to treat the victims appropriately. And the officials will be persuaded to help the victims and make the legal basis to punish the criminals. And the active role of human rights institutions would be informing and raising found for victims. * First step of "Victims Of Forced Love" project is about Somayeh and Ra’na. Life had been unkind for mother and daughter, Somayeh Mehri 29 And Ra’na Afghanipour 3 , victims of forced love . Because of saying No to this love they’ve been attacked by acid. They lived in a small town in of on the poorest regions in Iran. Somayeh’s husband, Amir was a thief and drug addict. She has been hit and locked many times in her house and other places by him, and it courage her to take divorce. But Amir forced him to live with him. Amir indirectly threatened Somayeh that if she wants to get divorced and not living with him any more , she will not live her life with her face . but she pressed on . Somayeh’s husband, Amir Afghanipour on the Midnight of June 2011, purposely poured a bucket of acid on his wife and child while they were sleep, so they could not live a social normal life any more. As a result of this incident, Somayeh’s and her daughter Rana’s faces, hands and part of the bodies were severely burned. Also Somayeh lost her ability to see and Ra’ana lost on her eyes. According to medical specialists, Somayeh needs at least hundreds of surgeries and Ra’na needs more than 70 surgeries. Government and villagers paid for some of these surgeries. They also sold their lands in order to pay for more surgeries . “love can be forceful “ Somayeh says .