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Awards winner Indonesian freelance photojournalist based in Jakarta

Entry description: Portrait of Sanggita Bashardost, her mum Nabila Bashardost and father Abdul Bashardost at temporary house in Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia. Bashardost's family who identified as ethnic Tajic from Afghanistan and looking for resettlement in Australia but they had lost all appeals to be recognised by the UNHCR as refugees. They are stuck and not knowing what to do.

The father, Abdul Basir BaShardost, 47, paid money to the smugglers in 2011 to take his wife and five children to Australia but were ripped off.

Like all families, they are unable to send their children to local schools.

For many who have registered with the UNHCR, the boats were always a last resort - but it was at least an option. Ardiles Rante/Hati Kecil Visuals for News.com.au