About Photographer:

Twelve-Tone Photography is the visual research of Marco Annaratone and Hanni Cerutti and is located in the Kreativ Fabrik in Berlin Schöneberg. Both born in Milan, Italy, Hanni and Marco have spent almost two decades in the US, and shorter periods in Switzerland, Italy, and now Germany. Before focusing on fine-art photography, Hanni and Marco have worked in quite different professional fields. Marco initially worked in academia, where he was involved in computer science research. He then moved to industry to manage product and business development in corporations and startups in the IT industry. He also worked in venture capital for several years. Hanni studied German literature (M.A. from the University of Pittsburgh) and the application of technology in education (Ed.M. from Harvard). After teaching at universities she joined industry to become an international marketing communication manager. Hanni has been recently appointed Assistant Professor of Ikebana by the Kyoto-based Ikenobo school. She is a member of the San Francisco Chapter.

Entry description: The front and entry door of an apartment building in Berlin, Germany