About Photographer:

I currently work with photography video and performance. I try very hard to be a licensed fool and have a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm. In my work I use self-portraiture and automated performance to explore the ideas that I’m working with. I describe automated performance as a free flow of thought translated in to action, inspired by ideas of free association developed by Sigmund Freud. Male identity has not ben explored to the same extent as female identity, which I believe has resulted in men not understanding them selves and their role in society to an equal degree to women. With my projects ‘MANN’ 2005-2010 and ‘BEING’ 2010-2012 I have tried to look at: ideas men try to live up to, failure, depression and anxiety.

Entry description: I've sailed the seven sees, imprisoned as a pirate in New York, fished sharks and sailed deep in to the Amazon. These are the tales of Ven?'s father from the days men were men, when men did not suffer from depression, instead he clenched his fist and thought his way through adversary with sheer will alone.
Trying to live up to these ideas to day may create conflicts within the man and it is these conflicts Ven? investigates, by putting him self in to a state of distress with three maternal figures, urinating on his pillow and confronting his father.