About Photographer:

Chan Dick loved to draw at a young age. He went on to study graphic design, and first began involved in photography when given his graduation assignment. As a still-life and architectural photographer, he is devoted to creating personal works, often touching on social issues and everyday life discoveries. He has held 7 solo photography exhibitions to date. While fascinated by simple lines and minimalistic compositions, Chan Dick?s works tend to embark on the ambiguous attraction between reality and illusion.

Entry description: These young people, aged under 18, were part of a student group Scholarism, famous for its 2012 campaign against the government’s “brain-washing” political education project.

Touching on Beijing’s nerves, they were the first to argue for the right of Civil Nomination, to ensure that Beijing cannot filter out candidates they don’t want as Hong Kong’s next leader.

They were young, but they stood firmest. They won the hearts of Hong Kong people when more than 700k of them voted in support of Civil Nomination in an unofficial referendum held by Occupy Central.

It’s clear. Hong Kong people would not compromise.