About Photographer:

Marcin Ryczek is a photographer from Poland. His concept images refer to the symbols and geometry. The main principle in his photography is the esampszyn „minimum form, maximum content”. The crisp lines in the photographs inferdigital editing, but in fact are composed solely from Marcin Ryczek’s careful observations and intuitive compositional skills. While the geometry or black-and-white printing seem to suggest coldness upon an initial glance, the drive behind the work has a more philosophical tendency. Often the subject of Marcin Ryczek’s work is focused on an individual quietly existing in the world: a quiet reflection transcending the lens to impact the eye of the beholder. Minimalistic and realistic scenery is a metaphor of such topics as freedom, peace, nostalgy, positive and negative aspects of life. The photographs are graphic, however, they mirror reality without designing the world in graphic programmes.

Entry description: The photograph was taken in Cracow, from the Grunwald Bridge. The nature-created contrast of white snow and dark water, the two separated by a straight line of the waterfront, serves as a reflection of the Yin Yang symbol of opposing, yet complementary forces.

The dark silhouette of a man against the light background, and the white swans on dark water which are surrounded by a ring of black ducks complement the photograph, enabling numerous interpretations of it.