About Photographer:

Entry description: Maja and Zvonimir are dancers. They dance for cause. Silent Killer is the name of the project initiated in India in 2009. Until today, the project included several different fields of art, all with a tendency to help children and woman, proteges of MILANA organisation in Bangalore, who are infected by HIV and/or AIDS. Silent Killer 2014 consists of two separate dance performances, For Ever and My name is Nisha. Dance performances made under the name Silent Killer are inspired by true stories of MILANA’s proteges. At the end of 2011., there were 3.3 million children living with HIV throughout the world. (www.avert.org/children-and-hiv-aids.htm) Due to global AIDS epidemic, millions of children are being orphaned and many of them, living with HIV/AIDS, experience a great deal of social stigma and discrimination. By documenting the development of the Silent Killer performances I tried to capture the essence of the project, in order to help raise the public awareness of this issue so delicate and important for humanity. www.milanabgl.webs.com www.projectsilentkiller.wordpress.com