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Entry description: "About Tobi"
Tobi, the one of the traditional occupations in Japan has about 1000 years of history. They are a specialized worker in high place in the construction industry. They also place a ridgepole on the top for making scaffolding of construction and demolition work.
Tobi people have played a major role as the performing arts successor of hashigonori ( ladder-top stunt ) , and matoimai ( dance using firemen 's flags ) in every town or village, these performances are seen during the festivals of "Shinto"(the indigenous religion of Japan) and they are considered to to have power to receive the oracle.
They have learned and handed down the skill from a senior and boss called "Oyakata" in a slight rowdy manner, however they share a strong bond like family members.
I took pictures of the real site where the place that there are confronting the iron and soil under the sun, attempted to impress the undisguised people who respect a tradition and pride.