About Photographer:

Documentary Photographer based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Awards: APHE Photomeet Bursary 2015 Winner; IPA 2014 Honorable Mention

Entry description: On 26th November 2012, The National Society of Closing Coal Mines ’Jiu Valley’(Petroşani, Romania) was established to lead the shutting down of three coal mines that were stated as being unreliable: Paroşeni, Petrila and Uricani.
Having the closing deadline in 2018, these three coal mines will send 2400 employers towards retirement or unemployment. In a mix of portraits, landscapes and sequences captured at the entrance/ exit of the mines, the project is a documentation of the last months of mining activity and of the last miners who are going in the underground of the Paroşeni, Petrila and Uricani mines.