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BRETT ROGERS - The Photographers' Gallery

BRETT ROGERS joined The Photographers’ Gallery in November 2005. Prior to this she worked at the Visual Arts Department of the British Council where she held the joint roles of Deputy Director and Head of Exhibitions.

She has nearly thirty years of experience promoting photography and visual arts both in the UK and in her native Australia where she worked as Exhibitions Manager, Australian Gallery Directors’ Council from 1976-1979 before arriving in the UK in 1980 to undertake her MA at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Her experience curating photography exhibitions began in Australia where she was responsible for supporting original research into neglected areas of Australian women photographers as well as touring photographic shows from abroad.

During her career at the British Council, she successfully increased the profile and activity of British photography abroad with shows by such figures as Julia Margaret Cameron, Madame Yevonde and Martin Parr and Documentary Dilemmas: British Documentary Photography in the Nineties.

More recently, she was responsible for initiating a series of group shows which broke new ground such as Look at me: Fashion and Photography in Britain 1960-1997, Reality Check, British Photography and New Media 2002-2004 (in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery), Common Ground, Aspects of contemporary Muslim experience 2002-2005.