A Lifetime of Work Exhibition

by Steve McCurry in Bangkok

Where: House of Lucie

Bangkok, Thailand


When: November 14, 2016 – March, 2017

Photo: © Steve McCurry

House of Lucie presents Steve McCurry’s exhibition in Bangkok

November 14, 2016 – March 14, 2017

House of Lucie opens the doors to its new art space in Bangkok. Located in the trendy area of Ekamai, its first exhibition will feature the most iconic work by renowned photographer Steve McCurry. 

Best known for the “Afghan Girl”—a portrait of a refugee featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine–Steve McCurry will appear at the opening reception on November 14 from 6.00 to 8.00 pm. 

The exhibition will feature images that McCurry took over the decades, some of which will be on display for the first time. 

The exhibition will last four months and feature both large scale and small scale portraits from various countries.


Steve started his career working for a newspaper. He then traveled to India where he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. He was the first to capture the haunting realism of the conflict.

McCurry has covered numerous international and civil conflicts. He has photographed the Iran-Iraq War, Beirut, Cambodia, the Philippines, the Gulf War and the continuing strife in Afghanistan. He often risks his life to capture his images from the front lines, and he has survived many close calls. He was arrested and chained in Pakistan, beaten and almost drowned by zealous crowds at a religious festival in India, and nearly killed by the Mujahadeen. He survived a plane crash in Yugoslavia, and twice he has been reported killed.

Steve’s career high point was undoubtedly the National Geographic cover photo of the previously unidentified Afghan refugee girl, whom he located and photographed again nearly two decades after the original. That picture has been described as the most recognizable photograph in the world today.


The Lucie Awards is the annual event honoring the greatest achievements in photography. The photography community from countries around the globe pays tribute to the most outstanding photographic achievements at the Gala Awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York. 

The Lucie Awards has established the House of Lucie to celebrate the Lucie honorees and create a permanent collection of their work. The art space will also promote the work of International Photography Awards’ winners and exhibit the works of local talent.

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