Flux Inertia

PhotographerEric McClendon
PrizeHonorable Mention

Flux Inertia is a cross-examination between us and the cause and effect of movement. The movement in this scenario is the "unseen" force of nature, sound. We are perpetually in a state of receiving sound all around us - some made by cars, a distant bark from a dog - sounds you hear but don’t even realize. The essence of this series is how sound can influence movement or change upon us emotionally and physically. In many ways these images are meant to represent a balance between the interaction of humans and sound as an entity - how we are ultimately affected and how sound can be ignored, utilized or subdued.

About Photographer

Eric McClendon earned his BFA in design & photography at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Currently working at Native Marketing & Strategy Incorporated as Creative Art Director, he is motivated to enrich the community he came from with knowledgeable design & visual media. While implicating a fine arts perspective of photography, he is exploring the facets of graphic design and the correlation between the two worlds of art. He has been published in Nakid Magazine and also exhibited works at the Gadsden Museum of Art and student exhibitions at the SPESC 2014 regional conference.