No Line on Horizon

PhotographerScott Yow
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrykuala lumpur, Malaysia
Photo Date2014
Technical Infoslow shutter.
Entry Description

A photography project on the uniqueness of different individual shorelines at different times of days and as well as promoting the awareness of the dying mangrove forests on the Malaysia coastal. As massive logging, chemical pollution, urbanization and many factors cause most of the mangrove trees distinct. The mangrove forests are only found in tropical, subtropical tidal area in our ecosystem. They serve as a surge of strong storms, tsunamis, typhoons, and floods. They are nursery habitats for young marine organisms, and also an erosion protector for the coastlines.

About Photographer

I am a photography hobbyist, but i was finalists in a few international photography contests, like HIPA 2014, IPA2015, IPA2016. I like to travel, and I like photograph what inspires me, or what I think will be an interesting reminder of this exact point in time. I strive to capture moments and what my heart sees, and listen to the nature tells.