Industrial Ghost

PhotographerTucker Lee Monticelli
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Long exposure taken with a Samsung NX2000 in an abandon PVC Factory in Reno, NV.


Remember the smell of burning plastic, the distant laugh of workers in the distance? Remember the way the sun would gleam from the steel towers heating up for the day's production? Remember the sound of metallic wheels carrying train cars onto the cement landing. Remember the weight of iron beams in your calloused hands? Time spent creating, crafting and engineering, where did it all go? I am the ghost of dead factory, the spirit of industry and the skeleton of America, disintegrating with the crack of summer heat and thaw of winter frost. I sit vacant, a vestige, a cancer. under rotting steel beams America stands teetering, workers spilling from every edge. I will remain, a phantom, a memento of you.