5 Car Pile Up

PhotographerPaul Langereis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySurrey, Canada
Photo DateJuly 20, 2015
Technical InfoMamiya RB 67/ Ektar 100 film
Entry Description

I grew up in Vancouver most of my life, and continue to visit the "big city" when I have time to shoot. On our way to a small downtown park, me and a couple of friends (and fellow photographers) stumbled across this structure/ sculpture. As I was shooting it, crazy thoughts went through my head about how someone came up with this idea. There are so many figurative and literal meanings associated with it!

About Photographer

I have been into art all my life. Photography entered my life about 8 years ago. For me, photography is an extension for my creativity. While I primarily shoot landscapes and cityscapes, I really enjoy shooting people as well.