Disposable Life

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Entry Description

Portraits of everyday life, life of people in the big city. The used plastic, paper, polyethylene as portraits of the city, daily consumption, life fast, disposable, almost senseless... Every day jumps out as disposable plastic. Days disappear in emptiness as city garbage in containers. We seldom look at something attentively, seldom we stop a look or thoughts on something, including ourselves, we hurry, we are occupied. The presented works it is attempt to detain the viewer's look, the offer to look more attentively at the everyday life, for one day, week or year, the offer more attentively to read "structure"... of what our daily occurrence consists... whether it is filled with some sense. The black background is part of the general concept, the objects taken from a context of city streets and placed in empty black space get other esthetics, meanings, new art filling. Idea of a series not so much in visual contact, "looking" of concrete objects by the viewer, how many in intelligent contact of the person with itself. The presented photos are part of a series - the project. Works for a series were made in Paris, Rome, Prague and Moscow at different times from 2012 to 2015.