Harbour impressions

CompanyDesigners Bureau of Buildings
PhotographerEla Waszczuk
PrizeHonorable Mention
About Photographer

Ela Waszczuk - photographic self - taught person, it be interests from times of school of average with photo. It was one should to the Polish Republic's Photoclub and Photographic Creative Group Artists' Association "Kontur”, ”Group Kołobrzeg” as well as Polish Marinepainters' Association. In last year do honoured title A. FIAP. In 13 there years property are 16 individual exhibitions which were responsible in country many times and for border as well as took part in near 100 collective exhibitions in Poland, Germanys, Bulgaria, on Hungary, in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, France, USA and Argentina. To be proud with considerable quantity of prizes maybe and distinctions in photographic competitions : IPA2010, IPA2015,IPA2016, PX32015, PX2016, ND2015...as well as tens collective exhibitions in country and for border.