James H. Clark Center

PhotographerSwee Choo Oh
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The James H. Clark Center located in Stanford University was designed by Foster and Associates. The three-story asymmetrical research center brings together under one roof a variety of disciplines, including biology, medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering.The building features three wings enfolding a courtyard, at the center of which is a circular stage for events such as concerts. Beneath the stage, underground, is a round auditorium with 150 cardinal-red seats. The room is rimmed with a skylight that can constrict like the pupil of an eye to block incoming light. Glass walls, bridges linking wings, and exposed staircases and balconies all contribute to the open design that supports connections.

About Photographer

Swee Oh is an award winning fine art photographer based in the US with a main focus on architecture and interior photography. She also shoots seascapes, nature, street photography and portraiture. Her background in architecture, with interest in light, form, shadows and textures, deeply influences how she perceives the visual world and her style of photography.