Shot of a Lifetime

CompanyNear Zero Probability Chasers
PhotographerFrancis Lavigne-Theriault
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Storm chasers were offered a show in the high plains of Colorado on June 4th 2015. The Colorado Rockies offered a perfect lifting mechanism to initiate supercell thunderstorms like this one. In this shot you can see two (2) tornadoes on the ground with the one on the left being anticyclonic (rotating in a clockwise motion against the counter-clockwise motion of the mesocylcone), which is extremely rare. You can also see a large mesocyclone almost extending to the ground and damage left by the tornadoes.

About Photographer

My name is Francis, I'm 24 years old and an Atmospheric Sciences student at university. Most of my knowledge about severe weather has been self-thought and acquired in the field. I am the founder of the NZP Chasers team and Facebook page. I started the page in January 2014 and it has since then been a huge success with people joining & contributing to the team. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada and I head down to the US plains as much as I can to chase, but in the months of July up to September I plan to chase in the Canadian prairies. I'm also first aid & CPR certified. I'm not into chasing for the fame & money, I just love sharing my passion for severe weather with anybody that shows interest. I have witnessed the powerful Moore, OK EF5 tornado in 2013 and since then I have a huge respect & admiration for storms.