Entry Title: "Watching the Floating City on a Tether"
Name: Andrew C. Ko , United States
Category and Expertise: Landscape, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Common scene can be seen from a different perspective or a different point of view to arrive at different meaning for oneself.

About the Artist:

Andrew C. Ko is a passionate international award-winning photographer and physician. Andrew began pursuing photography with the realization that there are commonalities between this medium and the field of medicine in their ability to provide a sense of peace, comfort and harmony. He has always been impressed by the virtue of photography in imparting certain human emotions through the simple power of composition, lighting and timing. As an artist, he finds great satisfaction in knowing that perhaps even one of his works might produce a sense of calm and order in a world of chaos. Through his work, he strives to balance the unbalanced mind, providing a meaningful level of peace in a world often consumed by tragedy. He invites the audience to open their minds and enter the world as he sees it.