PhotographerEmin Altay
Entry Description

Just as users of social media selectively include details they share, the frame of the selfie often fails to contain the full story of the pictured individual. The full picture is what I aim to examine in this photographic series as I photograph the selfie from a third person perspective. In this series I enter the real home of Emily and photograph her taking selfies at different corners of the apartment. The result is that viewers of her beautiful selfies will have little idea about the state of her living space.

About Photographer

I am always fascinated about how photographs closely resemble reality. I belong to a generation where cameras are extremely accessible are photos are easily taken, therefore I really appreciate photos that contain more than just superficial beauty but also moments that stimulate the mind. In my spare time I enjoy stepping back and capturing moments that are authentic. An alive, breathing photograph is my favorite kind of photograph. Photography was invented as a means to record, to freeze a moment in time for posterity. One of the greatest joy I find in the hobby is the possibility that future generations may look at my photographs and say, “Look, this is what happened in the 21st century.”