Dry Season

PhotographerShu Yi
Prize3rd Place in Fine Art / Collage

This series of images explores the impact of human activity on the natural environment by superimposing the photos of seascapes onto those of marble quarries, in order to foster a surreal conversation between natural and man-made landscapes. At the marble quarry, the man-made features have gradually changed the appearance of the landscape. The marble mine has continually been carved up into smaller units, and the remaining dust has covered everything around the quarries, as if to form an artificial beach. The matter is then to relate this process with how the natural beach has taken shape. I am intrigued by the similarities of effect between the artificial and natural scenes, especially in view of the extreme temporal divergence that produced the effects. The accumulated marble bank comes to resemble the shore in a fraction of the time. I then parallel these phenomena in a single frame.