PhotographerPam Boling
Entry Description

Exiting the elevators to the main lobby on the 23rd floor at the Mandarin Oriental, one faces a stunning wall of bronze knobs. There are many ways to capture abstract photographs of the wall, both in color and monochrome.

About Photographer

Pam Boling has many decades of photographic experience, beginning in her early teens as a hobbyist, photographing for high school and college newspapers. She first worked professionally as a wedding photographer starting at age 21, a happy accident as she likes to think of it. She later ventured into portraiture, part-time as a freelancer while moving frequently as a military spouse. Pam has traveled much of the United States, having lived in eight states in all regions. She developed a keen interest in landscape and macro photography while traveling, and has experimented in virtually all genres save for forensic and photojournalism. She is now permanently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she works as a part-time commercial and portrait photographer. She enjoys photographing women and especially working with those who have been victims of domestic abuse. Pam wants to expand her photographic endeavors to include photojournalism. She is also a writer and has done some copy writing for major corporations including photographic manufacturers. She hopes to combine her photography and writing skills into a journalistic venture.