MAIDAN: The day after the slaughter

PhotographerANDREA RICCI
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A panoramic view on EuroMaidan, the day Yanukovyc left. The previous day more than 50 protesters were shot dead on Instytutska Street and other roads around the city's main square, the Maidan. British investigators found at least four positions from which snipers had opened fire.


The worst and best of humanity came across one another in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv. Euromaidan was a true battlefield, invisible snipers hitting in cold blood,  a succession of military tens with open fires burning wood night and day, militians guarding a chantry devoted to a fallen friend, barricades and cocktails Molotoff and in the background the latest Mercedes ads, a tired first line on top of the most strategic barricade the day after the slaughter; funeral chants, a sea of flowers for the fallen; and then crying mothers, sisters, and daughters, carrying crowns of thorns.  

About Photographer

Andrea RICCI is Italian, but lives and works in Brussels. Former contributor to La Repubblica; has 20 years of experience in crisis management, security and risk analysis. A graduate in Political Science, he's got a Master in European Studies and a PhD in Communication and Information Sciences. A participant observer (with a photojournalistic eye), when working in a crisis context, Andrea has a researcher approach to photography with a keen interest in documentary and conceptual photography. His current photographic projects focus on countries in crisis, symbolic urban locations, the expression of popular religiosity and the notion of aesthetic order. In 2015  he's been one of the 20 finalists for the DANDAD Next Photographer Award 2015, got a “Honorable Mention” in the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2015 Awards and got a Bronze award in the International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY). In 2016 got two "Honorable Mention" in the MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards).