Hunter in Rainbow Falls

PhotographerPatty Williford
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I was shooting pictures of Rainbow Falls near Mammoth, California with a group of friends. On the hike back up the trail in the woods, I stopped for a rest break to wait for my group to catch up. I was the only one on this path at the time. I saw a person approaching me that looked to be a fisherman carrying a fishing pole. As he got closer, I noticed that he was wearing fatigue’s, then noticed that he was holding something in his right hand. Then when he was only feet from me, realized that in his hand, was the sawed off head of a deer and what I thought was a fishing pole was a rifle. I was scared and did not move. He never once looked up or acknowledged that I was even there. He stared straight down and walked by. I walked up quietly behind him, fired off 3 frames from the camera I had loaded with slide film and ran back toward my group.