Entry Title: "Buried Alive"
Name: Remo Camerota , Australia
Category and Expertise: Landscape|Landscapes, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Buried Alive: the Salton Sea lies south of Los Angeles and was once a thriving town of Holliday makers and Tourism. But now The Salton Sea lays baron, wasted to its caustic environment. Regardless Remnants from the past still strive to stand after being eaten for years by the surrounding salt, reminding us that there was once life there.

About the Artist:

Remo Camerota of Whitewall Studios has a genuine commitment to evolving the creative process. Remo works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing political and social views in a compelling visual style. Bringing a diverse range of skills for both new media and printed mediums, including illustration, photography, multimedia, film/video and interactive design, Remos’ work reflects an ever changing growth in art and community.