Observatory Observation

PhotographerThomas Phoon Ngai Voon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySelangor, Malaysia
Photo DateMac2015
Entry Description

This series of photographs was taken from my balcony, a scene that I have been looking at every day. I would not have recorded this if I did not take the time to ponder what I want to achieve in photography. I discarded all my former methods in photography and started to work at a slower pace to discover what have been neglected. By paying attention to my daily life and surroundings, I discovered that there are many interesting incidents which happens just in front of us that we always overlook or get accustomed to. They might not happen again and even it does, do we really notice those wonderful moments? To slow down the process of taking pictures, digital cameras with auto mode is not going to be the tool for this project. A fully mechanical film camera without light meter will make me think and be more cautious before pressing the shutter button, no image review until the negatives developed. Metering exposure with an old analogue light meter, and the need to do compensation most of the time by keeping my eyes on any changes of lighting conditions. I call this is a deconstruct and reconstruction process of my work flow, it changed my habits in photography.