Rope Of Hope

PhotographerKarim Shokair
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCairo, Egypt
Photo DateFebruary 22, 2013
Technical InfoEOS 50E/EF 50mm
Entry Description

My carpe diem image, after the demise of my dog and my mothers wisdom remembered nearly a decade later, decided to pursue my passion, Jan. 2014 went to Firenze attended two semesters at an art school SACI, non degree, to fine tune my photography learn editing and B/W photography in the darkroom. Was given the courage to share my images and have been super lucky since and now I have a wife, a child, and just so damn lucky to have followed my heart and thanks to Keno’s demise, my dog, I would never have taken that leap of faith.

About Photographer

Follow your heart and do your art, be brave and share it with the world, you never know the world may just appreciate it and allow you to keep pursuing it. Life is short use your time wisely with things that make you tick happily. 'Be Grateful & Be Kind … Dream & Be Inspired … Life is Beautiful & LOVE is what matters most ☮'