Container School

PhotographerNisorn Thuampoomngam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBangkok, Thailand
Photo DateDecember 2014
Technical Infoshot with Fujifilm x100s
Entry Description

Amid chaos and construction development all over Bangkok, there lies a school within foreign workers' camp. Not just an ordinary school, but a school filled with hope from foreign children; hope for learning that cannot be found elsewhere as Thai education system currently does not support foreign workers’ youth education. The container school was established by ‘sarngsundek' foundation in early 2014 with supports from the the construction firms to provide foreign workers’ children with basic education. There were about twenty students in total. This photo series documented the lives of the only teacher and his students.

About Photographer

Nisorn Thuampoomngam was born in 1986. He was intrigued by photography ten years ago when seeing a poster at a book store. His secondary level of education took place in The United States of America and Canada. Then he continued onto higher education at the University of Adelaide in Australia. During Nisorn’s studies in high school (grade 10th), his journalism teacher assigned him as a photographer at the weekly basketball game. He was the only one chosen to take pictures which will be featured in the yearbook. Nisorn is able to take wide range of photography subject, but he loves taking picture of people the most.