That Swinging Cornet Mute

PhotographerLydia Dagg
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

That Swinging Cornet Mute is a composite of a lush landscape transformed into a magical, swinging mute, and combined with an image of my husband's gleaming Cornet.

About Photographer

As artistic photographers, we become the eyes of the world. It is our duty to express our reactions to what we see and hear, thus creating a greater awareness of the beauty, as well as the destruction, all around us. I have had the pleasure of fine arts training in various disciplines, as well as managing my own interior design company for eleven years I have self-published two books on photography, including the 90-page book: 'Photography...Dancing with Light'. Many of my images have won contests, been on covers of magazines, in exhibitions, art shows, as well as in private collections. Digitally altering images further allows me to be more creative and expressive. I have also developed some of my own techniques in Photoshop and take great delight in this process. I enjoy making artistic statements on how I interpret events that affect all creatures of our beautiful world, and the accumulative impact our actions have on this, our only living planet. What an amazing world we live in! I am a proud member of the Victoria Camera Club, as well as the Canadian Association for Photographic Arts.