the unspoken

PhotographerStephen Brett
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDublin, Ireland
Photo DateDec 2013 to May 2015
Technical InfoDSLR Long Exposures
Entry Description

The subject of my final project in the NCAD Photography and Digital Imaging course, is on suicide locations in Ireland. Project brief: This project began with capturing the location where my great uncle, Jasper Brett (1895-1917) took his life after returning from World War 1, suffering from shell shock, at Sorrento Tunnel, Dalkey. He fought with the 7th Battalion of the Dublin Fusiliers in the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey. He joined the fusiliers shortly after representing Ireland in rugby against Wales in 1914. Last year being his centennial anniversary since playing for Ireland, I was able to find out more about his life through family and research on rugby and military forums. Due to this I was then reminded of similar stories that are far too often in the news in Ireland and decided to choose it as the topic for my project. I called the project ‘The Unspoken’ due to the amount of stigmatism associated with suicide in Ireland even though we statistically have the highest rate of suicide in Men in Europe and 2nd highest for Women. The reason I choose to shoot the locations at night is that the these tragic events most often occurred at night, therefore capturing what would have been among the last images seen.