PhotographerMark Roemisch
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLitchfield, United States
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoArchival Inkjet Print
Entry Description

Inspired by the emotional ambivalence that deep forests can bear, ranging from sheltered tranquility through the beauty and grandeur of nature to fear of the unknown, the series Eden explores man’s return to nature. Or could it be man’s unsuccessful attempt to flee the lethal nature? Freed from the load of their material existence, the naked subjects merge with their environment. Yet their bodies tell us about a tragic incident, an unseen story. The image compels the viewer to contemplate a larger, undiscovered picture. Darkness looms the forest around the human figure, isolating but also protecting it at the same time from the outside, materialistic world. The choice of light mood and color balance generates a tension between promise and damnation. It could be the beginning or the end of a much larger narrative.