Entry Title: ""Grace Smith" Feature Story"
Name: Ann Marie Luyando , United States
Category and Expertise: Personality, Student

Entry Description: This set of digital images was photographed on location at the Tyler Mansion in Bucks County, Pennsylvania using studio lighting. It is part of a larger collection. I wanted to create a spread that featured an iconic, legendary actress and fashion model known for her contributions as a professional dancer but, of course, I didn’t know anyone like that. So I created her. These images and “feature story” are based on this fictional character that I created. I named her “Grace Smith.” Done up in all the glamorous attire befitting of Grace Kelly herself I dressed up a friend in my own clothes, jewelry, accessories and make up. I chose elegant poses that depict such grace as is evident in the best of ballet dancers. Women have great strength and power that exudes from deep within. I chose to create images that show gracefulness and femininity but that come from a place of power and inner strength that demands your respect and attention. These images are intended to be empowering images of legendary female beauty.

About the Artist: