"Grace Smith" Feature Story

PhotographerAnn Marie Luyando
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNewtown, United States
Photo DateOctober 2014
Technical InfoDigital,OnLocation,StudioLight
Entry Description

This set of digital images was photographed on location at the Tyler Mansion in Bucks County, Pennsylvania using studio lighting. It is part of a larger collection. I wanted to create a spread that featured an iconic, legendary actress and fashion model known for her contributions as a professional dancer but, of course, I didn’t know anyone like that. So I created her. These images and “feature story” are based on this fictional character that I created. I named her “Grace Smith.” Done up in all the glamorous attire befitting of Grace Kelly herself I dressed up a friend in my own clothes, jewelry, accessories and make up. I chose elegant poses that depict such grace as is evident in the best of ballet dancers. Women have great strength and power that exudes from deep within. I chose to create images that show gracefulness and femininity but that come from a place of power and inner strength that demands your respect and attention. These images are intended to be empowering images of legendary female beauty.