PhotographerClaudio Santi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The project wants to offer a visual search and introspective as highlighting the generational relations are strong enough to leave visual and behavioral characteristics inherited from father to son. Identity and affective history and human occur in the faces and in the likeness of those who preceded us and those who will follow us. The diversity that, apparently, seems so strong between the different generations is exclusively due to the social context in which we live that, overwhelmingly, influences our living conditions and behaviors. In truth, our characters are inherited physiognomy as were computer data, elements that are transmitted from generation to generation: we are small computers that incorporate "versions" of previous ourselves. It 'a constant return to the past, a pass ourselves in a new form. Everything changes and everything regenerates: actions, character, personality, lifestyle choices, faces, appearances. The human being is a continuous work in progress with roots and a common foundation: the photographic project wants to show these traits constant and continuous that flank the small changes that, inextricably, characterize human genetic metamorphosis apparent that hide the truth that hereditary links. They are not then erased over time.