PhotographerGuenther Achleitner
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Shot in my living room under available light on a partially sunny afternoon. Model lighted from a roof window above and behind her as the only light source. The model is lying on a sofa. I did spot-metering on her hip to get a nice, very reduced lowkey atmosphere with a beautiful sensual rimlight touching her body. The image was slightly post-processed in Photoshop: Removing of a disturbing cushion behind the model's right arm and creation of a layer in layer-mode "multiplicate", masked out to get a slight vignette. Finally converted to Monochrome with a couple of B&W and color layers. No other modifications in PS.

About Photographer

Guenther Achleitner is a enthusiastic self-tought artist. Guenther used to shoot pictures in the 1980’s but took a long break from photography to pursue politics. Guenther has been Vice-Mayor of his home city Puchenau – Austria. He walked out of politics in 2012 to develop his career as a photographer. Since then he is living his dream through his pictures. His portrayal of nudes is full of respect and appre-ciation for his models. Beauty cannot be discovered by simply exhibiting objects without clothes but by connecting with the subject, with the partner on the other side of his lens. Therefore Guenthers models are always shown as proud and beautiful individuals. Guenthers understanding of beauty is based upon his appreciation for genuineness and simplicity, of immediacy and truthfulness of the simple being as an aesthetic and self-confident individual. The beauty and eroticism of his models emerges in the magic of sensual, often excited and soul-revealing moments. His photographic style can be defined as sensual, soft and natural. He loves to play with the available light, with a narrow focus and with lights and sha-dows as well. Most important to him is staying free in his creative process, he is always learning and trying to develop his skills in order to create captivating moments of the essence of female beauty.