There's No Other Like Your Mother

PhotographerBrandy Trigueros
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Gabriel, United States
Photo Date2013-2015
Entry Description

Through memory, metaphor and imagined destinies, “There’s No Other Like Your Mother” explores a pivotal metamorphosis so often taken for granted: becoming a mother. In this series I explore the fears, uncertainties and yearning that swirl in my heart as I decide whether to undergo this seminal transformation from child to parent: the demands of living up to selflessness; the fear that not having a child will yield a heavy loneliness; the dread of losing my hair, body, freedom and liveliness; the anticipation of love and playfulness; the terror of taking care of another human life. The window for becoming a mother begins to close as I approach forty. I reflect on my past as I contemplate the future. Am I a different woman than I thought I would be? I create photographs to explore these questions, to make sense of my future, and to lead me to self-knowledge and, hopefully, epiphany.